3D Printing

This is a workshop for anyone to learn about 3D Printing.

Topics Covered in Wokshop

Introduction of 3D printer

  1. 3D printing Technology and History
  2. Various Type rapid prototyping
  3. Various Types of 3D printers
  4. General Principles
  5. Different Methods Used in 3D printers


Hardware & Software’s Interface for 3D Printer

  1. Actual 3D printer hardware information
  2. Parts used in 3D printer (Mechanical/Electronics)
  3. Software’s use for 3D Printing (matter control and other software types)
  4. Arduino interface and usage in 3D printers. (Electronics behind Mechanism and Motor control)
  5. Applications of 3D printers
  6. Design and Printing of Actual 3D objects for students

(Explanation to motion planning and Slicing for 3D objects)

Components provided by us: –

Each Participant will receive one attractive 3D Printed Object.

Workshop Detail:

  • Entry type: Individual
  • Registration Fees: Rs. 500/-

Workshop Coordinator :

  • Chetan Bonde : +91 9420349297
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