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Eligibility – All students with A valid id-Card of their Respective College.

Registration fees: ₹100/- ( Per Team 2 Members)

Prizes :-

  • 1st Prize : Rs. 2000/-
  • 2nd Prize : Rs. 1000/-


  • Recent trends in engineering.
  • 5 minutes time will be allotted for task.
  • A task will be given on the spot.
  • Bring your college I-Card & registration receipt on event day. All teams and their respective members should reach the event place in time.
  • Participants are required to check the updates for the same on the official NIRMAAN page
  • Use your discretion to judge whether your topic fits into the chosen theme.

Events coordinators:

  • Suraj Mhatre :- +91 9545196464


Model Making

Construct a Bridge Structure using standard Popsicle sticks and adhesives that can sustain maximum load.

Registration Fees: ₹200 Per Team

Participation: Max 4 Members Per Team

Prizes :-

  • 1st Prize : Rs. 3000/-
  • 2nd Prize : Rs. 2000/-
  • Problem Statement will be given on the Day of ‘NIRMAAN-18’ event.
  • Only those students with a valid student ID card are allowed to participate.


  1. Loading will be done at the center of the bridge.
  2. All construction and material requirements will be checked prior to testing. Bridges failing to meet these requirements will be disqualified.
  3. Deflection Test: The Bridge will be tested for a deflection of 15mm and will be rated according to the load required.
  4. The load considered ƞ (Efficiency) is that value of weight supported by the bridge until failure or until a deflection of 15mm at the center.
  5. The bridge with the highest structural efficiency (ƞ) will be declared as the winner.
    ƞ = Load supported in kg/ Mass of the bridge in kg.
  6. All the dimensions mentioned are acceptable within an error range of + -5%. Any failure in adhering to the specifications will lead to immediate disqualification.

Event Coordinators:

  • Vinayak Shitole : +91 9623441499

CAD Design

PROBLEM STATEMENT-  Given on the Day Of Event.

Registration Fees: ₹100 Per Head

Prize Money : –

  • 1st Prize – Rs. 2,000/-
  • 2nd Prize – Rs. 1,000/-

Participation: Individual

  • Subject provided on the Day of Event.
  • Two rounds will be conducted.
  •  1st round MCQ-1/2 hour to solve the given paper
  • Cut-off criteria will be set according to the marks obtained by all appearing candidates
  • 2nd round will be AUTOCAD drawing round.
  •  1 hour time will be allotted for drawing.
  •  A line plan will be given on the spot.
  • Detailed line plan is to be drawn.
  • Different layers with colors will be given along with the drawing
  • All the works should be on layers
  • Working on layers, given color shades will carry individual points
  • Addition of details like furniture will be appreciated
  • Assume suitable data if necessary
  • Use of scientific calculator is allowed
  • Use of any other software or tool is strictly prohibited
  • Use of mobile phone is prohibited
  • Decision of management will be final. No arguments will be encourage.

Event Coordinators:

  • Aniket Kakade : +91 7875728882

Structure Hunt

PROBLEM STATEMENT-  Given on the Day Of Event.

Registration Fees: ₹ 200 Per Group (Max. 4 Members)

Prize Money : –

  • 1st Prize – Rs. 3,000/-
  • 2nd Prize – Rs. 2,000/-

Participation: Group

  • Subject provided on the Day of Event.
  • Team size must be at least 3 and not more than 4.
  •  All photos must be taken during the event.
  • All photos must have at least one team member and at least one stranger.
  • All photos must show your team validation item.
  • All photos must be uploaded to the judging group as per instruction.
  • No illegal activities.
  • Decision of management will be final. No arguments will be encouraged.

Event Coordinators:

  • Snehal Jadhav : +91 9028988148
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